Terms of Services for Annapurna Media Network

This "Terms of Service" applies to current and future users [which shall include persons and representatives of legal entities, whether such representatives are persons or digital engines of a kind that crawls, indexes, scrapes, copies, stores or transmits digital content)] as well as products of Annapurna Media Network linked to this policy. As used herein, "we," "us" and "our" refers to Annapurna Media Network and "you" and "yours" refers to USER.

Please go through this policy and accept this. Please read this policy carefully. Once you start using sampurnaweekly.com or any other Annapurna Media Network product, it is deemed that you agreed on the terms of this policy and bound by the terms and conditions. If there is a conflict between these "Terms of Service" and any such other terms, these "Terms of Service" will prevail. The Annapurna Media Network Services are intended for Nepal jurisdiction and abide by laws of Nepal. Any provision inconsistent with the local laws shall remain void. If you are accessing the Service from foreign jurisdiction, You may use the Service only if they comply with the laws of the country from which you are accessing our Services.